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Ditch everything else for Shoviv Exchange Server Migration and you would never be disappointed. This tool can be used to migrate Exchange to Office 365 server, migration of source mailboxes like EDB files, Outlook stores, Live Exchange (on-premises), and Outlook PST files. Other features combine together to provide the service of migration of Live Exchange/ Office 365 public folders and archive mailboxes into another Live Exchange/ Office 365 public folder and archive mailboxes.

Facilities for easy way to migrate Exchange to Office 365 files

  • Allows the users to add multiple mailboxes at once so that you can migrate Exchange to Office 365 server faster
  • Easily recover EDB files which have gone corrupt, are inaccessible or private
  • Doesn’t restrict the files due to the size limit
  • Lets the users preview their data before the final process involved in to migrate Exchange to Office 365 server
  • Allows the migration of source mailboxes into the famous PST format
  • Migrates the source mailboxes into Outlook PST (on-premises) or Exchange mailbox migration to Live Exchange server
  • Migrates Office 365/ Live Exchange public and archive folders into a different Office 365/ Live Exchange public folder and archive mailbox
  • Save the source mailboxes into various formats including HTML, RTF, EML, MSG, VCard etc. The user can choose from these according to their needs and preference
  • The data from source mailbox can be migrated to target mailbox using two options- automatic mapping and manual mapping
  • Filter facility to choose the data files according to message class and item date
  • The search feature lets the user search source mailboxes using several criteria
  • Free trial for complete satisfaction and reassurance before buying the product
  • Free customer consultant service available for data migration

All you get with Shoviv Exchange Server Migration tool:

With Shoviv Exchange Server Migration tool you get much more than merely the opportunity to migrate Exchange to Office 365 server.

Adds huge source mailboxes:

In the process to migrate Exchange to Office 365 files you do not have to worry about the safety of your data files. In fact, it can be used to migrate huge files with the same efficiency it provides to small files. The users can add large source mailboxes for migration without facing any limitation because of the size of the files.

Keeps the hierarchy of folder intact:

This has been produced to migrate Exchange to Office 365 server in a way which lets you keep the hierarchy of your files intact too. The proper hierarchy of the folders is kept intact throughout the procedure. So there is no possibility of loss of data files or damage to the original source mailboxes.

Preview facility to view source mailboxes prior to migration:

It is always a good idea to check the contents which are undergoing the process to migrate Exchange to Office 365. Unfortunately, the process is not that easy. But you do not need to stress as we have come up with the preview facility. With this feature, you can view the properties of the mail data including item body, item property, recipient, and attachments. So, using this feature you can remain aware of the contents of the data going for conversion.

Migrates the source mailboxes to PST format:

Outlook PST is a format widely used by people which explains their tendency to submit their data into this format. If you use this tool to migrate Exchange to Office 365, you can enjoy that feature too. It would convert the migrated files into the PST format in an instant. Further, it would also let the users break the PST files into smaller files. This feature is useful since Outlook comes with limitation on the size of PST files, they cannot exceed 50 GB.

Migrates source mailboxes to Live Exchange:

This tool can be used not only to migrate Exchange to Office 365 but also to migrate source mailboxes to Live Exchange server or Exchange mailboxes to Live Exchange server (on-premises) with both automatic and manual mapping facility.

Migrates data from Exchange to Office 365 instantly:

This tool is the best option to migrate Exchange to Office 365 since it has got so many user-friendly features. No user would find the migration process tough since its GUI is designed for experts as well as beginners. Using this tool one can migrate single or multiple mailboxes at once. It can be used to migrate the desired files to Office 365 or migrate Office 365 mailboxes to Office 365 instantly.

Migrates Live Exchange/ Office 365 to public folder:

Public folder migration is an amazing input which makes the process of Exchange to Office 365 folder migration easy for the users. One can also migrate Live Exchange/ Office 365 public folders/ archive mailboxes and EDB folders into another Live Exchange/ Office 365 public folder and archive mailboxes. The users can choose the destination folder for their converted data once the process to migrate Exchange to Office 365 files is over.

Filter and search facility for added items:

If you need to include or exclude the added source mailbox items you can do that using the filter feature. It lets you filter out data using two criteria- message class and item date. The search facility is useful in searching out data instantly. The criteria is being used to search out files include CC, BCC, attachments, subject, from etc.

Saves files in HTML format:

The HTML format is quite convenient for saving data, and we are aware of that. This is why once this tool is done with the task of Exchange to Office 365 migration, it would store your files in that format.

Lifetime free support and full licence:

You can check these features with the free trial version we provide for everybody. Then you can upgrade to the full version and obtain full license of the tool. We also provide free client support which is accessible 24*7. You can contact us anytime for support as well as for feedback.


How to Split Outlook PST file size in two ideal ways


Frequent issues causes by PST file are not hidden by the professional MS Outlook user. Amazingly, the newer version of Microsoft Outlook has been minified issues that happen cause to database file sizes. But still, users have to face problems while utilizing massive Outlook PST files in MS Outlook. Frequently, massive files being the factor of corruption in the database.

The mere gorgeous solution to run out from terrific situations of MS Outlook is to keep the small size of PST file. That’s why users should always keep small PST files to execute their tasks swiftly. So, you can make effort to archive and split Outlook PST file.

Well, here I’m giving you a brief description of archiving data and tract of archiving data. Some of the gorgeous tracts to archive PST file data and split PST files data.

What is archiving data in MS Outlook?
The archiving process of emails in the MS Outlook is the finest way to create space for new emails. Whenever your mailbox becomes disarray and messy, Microsoft Outlook becomes dormant making email impassable. To avert all those terrific issues, you have required to archiving your emails.

How to get enable auto archiving in the newer version of MS Outlook 2016?
Follow the below steps to perform execution of archiving setting or to enable Auto Archive setting.

Firstly, Open Microsoft Outlook and start the File Options.
Then reach to the Advanced and click on Auto Archive Settings.
Then, check there Run Auto Archive in < n> number of days, fill that column with desired date or duration, whatever you wanted to archive your PST file, and now click OK.
Afterward enabling auto-archiving, emails will be archived as per as stipulated settings.

Manual Tracts to Archive Emails in MS Outlook 2016
Infrequently, maybe you need to archive your emails manually in Outlook 2016. Then, go through the given steps.
Firstly Open the Microsoft Outlook.
Reach to File and then Info and now click Cleanup Tools> Archive
Afterward above steps, choose all folders, whom you wish to archive
Then enter the date to archive items
Browse the location to save these items and then OK
There are two ways to settle or avert issues. The first has accomplished above, and the second step is to utilize the technical tool.

Shoviv Outlook PST Splitter files
Shoviv PST File Splitter is a proficient and gorgeous tool to execute. This tool plays the crucial role to fend MS Outlook issues through splitting PST files.

Some prime features of Shoviv PST File Splitter
Naively split Outlook PST file hassle free and quick
Assist in splitting PST file
Allow splitting PST file as required
No limitation to split massive PST file
Capable to split bulky PST file into the aspired quantum
Tract to split Outlook PST file with the technical tool
To split Outlook PST file utilizing the tool, go through the given below steps:

Install the Shoviv PST split tools on your system
Open the software and then add your massive PST file
Click Next
The software will prompt the folder hierarchy afterward quick scan
Choose the folder from the left pane
After that, select the splitting criteria and click Next
Then endue the required details (correspond to previous details and steps)
Then you will be gotten multiple numbers of PST file of a split massive PST file
Wrapping up:
Hope my dear readers, you all got it lucrative. Wishes this will auxiliary for you too. It’s my suggestion to try these ideal ways to prevent your Outlook PST file and to avoid terrific issues like data corruption or ruination of Outlook performance.


How to fix “Fatal Error: 80040900” in MS Outlook during usage of ScanPST.exe


If you’re a professional user then it is common to you too and may also face several issues in day by day execution. PST corruption and damage is a hackneyed issue for professionals. But it seems tremendous when you required the data quickly and as soon as possible. Then what will you think of and what will you do to repair your Outlook PST file which is consists of significant data such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, journals, etc.? Probably, you utilize the free-of-cost Inbox Repair tool or (scanpst.exe) available from Microsoft as a utility tool?

With the intention to repair Outlook PST file, you may download the (scanpst.exe) tool. However, it might not fulfill your need and the utility tool prompts up with “Fatal Error: 80040900”. But, its hackneyed problem that you get “Fatal Error: 80040900” while utilizing scanpst.exe to repair your PST File. Then you re-try, but you have to see the error again and again while repairing the damaged Outlook PST file. Every step you are taking to repair your depraved and damaged PST file, you will be getting the equivalent error alert repeatedly. In such a situation, all that you should or can do is to fix “Fatal Error: 80040900” in Microsoft Outlook.

Well, might you have a question about the error such as why the error occurs while utilizing Inbox Repair Tool to repair Outlook PST file? The limitations of the tool can be a fact of occurrence error “Fatal Error: 80040900”.

Visit on our latest arrival: http://www.shoviv.com/blog/failed-to-add-pst-in-outlook-2016-error-0x80004001/

Some of the limitations of the scanpst.exe tool:
Every free-of-cost tool has limitations, hence the scanpst.exe has also limitation given below:

The scanpst.exe will fail to repair large size of PST file. For example, it will fail to repair more than 2 GB file size
The scanpst.exe utility tool cannot accomplish the repairing if the level of damage is too high.
The tool is not able to fix the directory structure and headers of the Outlook PST file
The utility tool cannot fix harshly impacted by the virus or malware Outlook PST file
The tool can terminate in between during the process in the diverse situation
Tract to fix the useless error to execute flawlessly and freely
Whenever you get stuck in the tremendous situation of error messages while utilizing the Inbox repair tool, it will best to settle the error messages instead of repairing and rescuing the Outlook PST file. To fix the error issues, you should use technical software that execute automatically, easily and safely.

There is no way to execute and fix the error issue “Fatal Error: 80040900” except technical software, so read the entire post to settle the issue with the proficient way.

Get proficient software that doesn’t need technical expertise for flawless execution
We’re ready to assist you with prominent software Shoviv PST Recovery Tool. This software is an ambidextrous tool which will execute in repairing damaged and related errors which occurs in large PST files

Get ready to fix the issue with our Shoviv PST Repair tool
The reason behind the recommendation of Shoviv PST Repair tool is it’s greatly proficient in the execution. It mere not redouble the capability of (scanpst.exe) utility. It redoubles the utility tool limitation such as it exceeds repairing of large PST files (2 GB size or more) or tremendously damaged PSTs, etc. This software is fully featured software loaded with features and benefits.

Prime Features of Shoviv PST Repair Tool:
Shoviv PST Repair tool not only repairs PST files, it is originated with two more features such as splitting and compacting PST file. You can split and compact file while saving the repaired file. These features facilitate to reduce the chances of corruption in PST file.

Shoviv PST Repair tool key features:
Guaranteed PST Repair in flawless & hassle-free manner
Compress rescued Outlook PST file before saving
Split Outlook PST file according to mail ID, quantum and duration
Export entire mailboxes data into the Microsoft Office 365 environment
Save email data in many formats : EML, MSG, HTML, DBX, PDF, RTF, and MBOX
Compatible with all latest Microsoft Outlook 2016 and older versions too
The software is capable to split Outlook PST file by the quantum, Date range, and Email Id.

The software provides diverse options to split PST file by Size/Quantum. There are many size avail to split a PST file such as from 250MB to 10GB. You can choose any option available in the software interface to split PST file
If you require to split your PST file by Date range, It will create a single Outlook PST file consists of data within the chosen date range
You have also an option to split your PST file after recovering. (To split through ‘Mail ID,’ it is mandatory to choose at least an Email Id)
The software is also capable to compact Outlook PST file with its prominent feature. So, you can try three ways to compact your PST file.

You can compress the entire Attachments consist with emails in a new or in an empty PST file.
You can also extract emails attribute and can save attribute of emails to a folder, wherein there is no lack of interlinking.
It will prove auxiliary in removing entire email and attribute in a newly created PST file.


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